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Angel Investment Program

The Illinois Department of Commerce is accepting new investor applications on a first come, first serve basis for 2013.  We have $10 million in available tax credits.

The Illinois Angel Investment Credit Program is designed to offer a tax credit to interested firms who make an investment in one of Illinois’ innovative, qualified new business ventures. The investment will encourage job growth and expand capital investment in Illinois. The program can offer a tax credit to qualifying firms in an amount equal to 25% of their investment made directly in a qualified new business venture. The maximum amount of an investment that may be used as the basis for a credit under this section is $2,000,000 for each investment directly in a qualified new business venture. An awarded tax credit may not be sold or otherwise transferred to another person or entity. Businesses desiring to be registered as a qualified new business venture shall submit a registration form in each taxable year for which the business desires registration. The registration will attest to the fact that the business is principally engaged in innovation, their business headquarters is located in Illinois and their business has the potential for increasing jobs and capital investment in Illinois. Interested firms or natural person(s) desiring a tax credit based on their investment in a qualified new business venture must submit an application to the Department which attests to the fact that an investment has been made and remains in the qualified new business venture for no less than 3 years. For more information please see attached or click on the link – http://www.ildceo.net/dceo/bureaus/business_development/tax+assistance/angelinvestment.htm